What is Cellulite:

Cellulite is caused by these fibrous bands that tether the skin down causing the dimple. It is not fat. It is not because of weight gain and it doesn’t matter how much you are dieting or exercising – the cellulite does not change. Cellulite is just part of the natural biology for some women and up to 90% of women will experience it in their lifetime

What is Qwo:

FDA approved QWO injectable for moderate to severe buttock cellulite is here! Qwo is Collagenase Clostridium Hstolyticum-aaes, It is a prescription medicine

Who can get Qwo:

Anyone with mild, moderate or severe cellulite can get Qwo. You are excluded if you have an allergy to any type of collagenase.

The Treatment:

First the cellulite is graded in terms of severity from mild to severe.
Qwo is 3 tiny injections into each cellulite dimple that is done 3 weeks apart, 3 times. Final results are 3 weeks after the last shot

Be prepared to spend an hour total for your appointment, giving time for the clinical evaluation, photographing the cellulite and then the treatment itself. You must also lay down prone for 5 minutes after the injections before leaving.

The #1 side effect is Bruising which is significant the 1st shot and is gone by 2 weeks . Bruising on the second shot is markedly reduced and there is minimal bruising after the 3rd injection.