PDO,PCL & PLLA Threads

PDO, PCL & PLLA Threads are used to pull back on sagging and crepey skin, tighten under eyes, perform non – surgical Brow Lifts and Rhinoplasty, pull back on  jowls & turkey neck,  tighten up crepey chest skin and then some.

PDO threads can also be used on Stomachs, thighs, arms and buttocks especially where there is cellulite.

What are PDO threads?

PDO threads are the same dissolvable threads that are used in surgery or to stitch you up when you have a deep enough cut that needs suturing.

The same concept of dissolvable threads has now been applied in the world of Aesthetic medicine to contour faces and provide natural lift and volume where needed. This is especially useful in areas where adding volume from filler is not desirable. It doesn’t replace the need for a filler and often times, combination treatment with both will give an overall firmer and more youthful looking effect

How it works

The threads are placed under the skin in the Dermis and there it stimulates new collagen production. The threads provides a lifting effect by pulling the skin together resulting in tightened , firmer skin in the treated area.

The sutures are absorbed naturally by the body within 3 – 6 months, but the collagen that is formed during the procedure is yours to keep and this helps the skin to be tight, supple, and rejuvenated for up to 4 years depending on which type you use.

Who Can Get Threads?

Are you up for facial surgery? If not, then you are in luck because thread lifts can buy you some time before an invasive procedure is neccesary.

Anyone with skin sagging or skin laxity can have threads done to create collagen and elastin underneath making the skin firmer, especially if the skin tone is still relatively strong.

Both men and women can get threads


The Consultation Process is FREE!

This is an essential part of your treatment where we go over your goals and discuss what is possible and what is not. We may recommend that you consider combination treatments for the said area.
We make sure there are no existing medical problems like hemophilia, sickle cell, lupus or poorly controlled diabetes that might make for bleeding during the procedure or make it more difficult for skin to heal as expected..